HMS Grampus (S04)

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HMS Grampus (S04)
Royal Navy EnsignUnited Kingdom
Name: HMS Grampus
Builder: Cammell Laird, Birkenhead
Laid down: 1955
Launched: 30 May 1957
Commissioned: 19 December 1958
Reclassified: Harbour training ship between 1976 and 1979
Fate: Sunk as a target ship in 1980
General characteristics
Class and type: Porpoise class submarine
  • 2,080 tons surfaced
  • 2,450 tons submerged
Length: 290 ft (88 m)
Beam: 26 ft 7 in (8.10 m)
Draught: 18 ft (5.5 m)
  • 2 × Admiralty Standard range diesel generators, 1,650 hp (1.230 MW)
  • 2 × English Electric main motors, 12,000 hp (8.95 MW)
  • 2 shafts
  • 12 kn (22 km/h) surfaced
  • 17 kn (31 km/h)submerged
Range: 9,000 nmi (17,000 km) at 12 kn (22 km/h)
Complement: 71

HMS Grampus (S04) was a Porpoise-class submarine. Her keel was laid down in 1955 by Cammell Laird at Birkenhead. She was launched by Lady Shepheard on 30 May 1957.[1] She was first commissioned on 19 December 1958.


On 1 April 1963, Grampus returned to Gosport after spending three weeks under the polar icecap looking for holes in the ice. During the patrol she superficially damaged her hull on the ice. During 1965 she refitted in Devonport Dockyard.[2]

On 11 January 1968, the French trawler Fomalhaut caught Grampus in her nets in the English Channel. Grampus surfaced and both crews spent over three hours disentangling the nets. In 1968 she was part of the First Submarine Squadron based at HMS Dolphin and in that year was present during 'Navy Days' in Portsmouth Dockyard.[3]

Grampus operated with USS Tigrone in a joint American-British oceanographic operation in the eastern Atlantic in 1972.

Grampus sank on 18 September 1980 in Loch Fyne as she was being towed as a sonar target. She sits upright in 120 metres of water.[4]

Commanding officers[edit]

From To Captain
1962 1964 Lieutenant-Commander Compton-Hall
1964 1965 Lieutenant-Commander J F Woodward RN
1965 1966 Lieutenant-Commander T J Andrews RN
1967 1968 Lieutenant-Commander T D A Thompson RN
1968 1969 Lieutenant-Commander R O Shellard RN


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