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Fifteen ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Mary:

Ships that have used Mary in their names[edit]

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  • HMY Mary was an 8-gun royal yacht presented by the Dutch in 1660 and wrecked in 1675.
  • HMAS Maryborough was a Bathurst-class corvette launched in 1940 and lent to the Royal Australian Navy in 1941. She was sold into civilian service in 1947 and was renamed Isobel Queen.
  • HMS Princess Mary
  • HMS Queen Mary
  • Royal Mary, of the Royal Scots Navy, launched in 1696, transferred to the Royal Navy at the Union in 1707, when she was renamed HMS Glasgow (1707), and sold in 1719
  • His Majesty's Revenue cutter Mary. On 25 July 1797 she captured a small French privateer chasse maree off Bally Cotton. The privateer was the Acheron, of 28 tons, out of Morlaix. Acheron was armed with one 8-pounder carronade and had a crew of 40 men. She had just arrived off Bally Cotton but had already taken three vessels, which however the British had all recaptured. The Revenue brig Beresford arrived just as Mary took Acheron.[1]


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