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Three ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Nile, after the Battle of the Nile in 1798:

  • HMS Nile was a 12-gun cutter purchased in 1806. This may have been the former hired armed cutter Nile. HMS Nile was put up for sale in October 1810,[1] and sold, but the purchaser rejected her; she was subsequently broken up in 1811.
  • HMS Nile was a 92-gun second rate ship of the line launched in 1839. She was converted to screw propulsion in 1854, renamed HMS Conway in 1876 whilst on loan as a training ship, and was burnt in 1956.
  • HMS Nile was a Trafalgar class battleship launched in 1888 and sold in 1912.

In addition, the Royal Navy base at Ras el-Tin Point, Alexandria, Egypt, which operated between April 1939 and June 1946, was officially referred to as HMS Nile.

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