HMS Orpheus (1809)

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Royal Navy EnsignUnited Kingdom
Name: HMS Orpheus
Ordered: 27 February 1808
Builder: Deptford Dockyard
Laid down: August 1808
Launched: 12 August 1809
Completed: By 21 September 1809
Fate: Broken up in August 1819
General characteristics
Class and type: Apollo-class frigate
Tons burthen: 94728/94 (bm)
Length: 145 ft (44 m) (gundeck); 121 ft 8.75 in (37.1031 m) (keel)
Beam: 38 ft 3 in (11.66 m)
Depth of hold: 13 ft 4 in (4.06 m)
Sail plan: Full rigged ship
Complement: 264
  • UD: 26 x 18-pounder guns
  • QD: 2 x 9-pounder guns + 10 x 32-pounder carronades
  • Fc: 2 x 9-pounder guns + 4 x32-pounder carronades

HMS Orpheus was a 36-gun Apollo-class fifth-rate frigate of the Royal Navy launched in 1809 from Deptford Dockyard. She was broken up in 1819.


Ordered on 27 February 1807 and laid down in August 1808 at Deptford Dockyard. Launched on 12 August 1809 and completed on 21 September 1809.


While in Long Island Sound, she chased the American privateer Holkar and ran her aground, before destroying Holkar by cannon fire.[1] Orpheus also saw service in the War of 1812 and was part of the British patrolling squadron in Long Island Sound. When the British fleet encountered an American fleet, commanded by Stephen Decatur it chased them to New London where the American fleet escaped. The British squadron there formed a blockade, confining the American fleet until the end of the war.[2]


She was broken up at Chatham Dockyard in August 1819.


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