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At least four ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Port Royal, after the British naval base Port Royal in Jamaica:

  • HMS Port Royal was an 18-gun sloop that was purchased locally, i.e., in Jamaica, in 1757. She was paid off and sold in 1763.
  • HMS Port Royal was an 18-gun sloop, formerly the French armed merchant vessel Comte de Maurepas, which the British captured in 1778. They purchased her, armed her with eighteen 6-pounder guns, and gave her the name Port Royal; she was under the command of Commander Timothy Kelly when the Spanish captured her at Pensacola in 1781.
  • HMS Port Royal was the 14-gun French privateer ship-sloop Comte d'Estaing, which HMS Fortune captured on 29 March 1782. She was commissioned under Lieutenant George Hart but paid off on 31 March 1783 and sold thereafter.[Note 1]
  • HMS Port Royal was a 10-gun schooner purchased in 1796. The French captured her on 30 March 1797 and renamed her Perle. Pelican recaptured her on 18 October.[2] The Royal Navy renamed her HMS Recovery. She was sold in 1801.

Notes, citations, and references[edit]

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