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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Portland, either after Portland Harbour in Dorset or after holders of the title of the Duke of Portland:

  • HMS Portland was a 50-gun fourth rate launched at Wapping in 1653 and burnt to avoid capture in 1692.
  • HMS Portland was a 48-gun fourth rate launched in 1693, rebuilt in 1723 and broken up in 1743.
  • HMS Portland was a 50-gun fourth rate launched in 1744 and sold in 1763.
  • HMS Portland was a 50-gun fourth rate launched in 1770. She was converted to a 10-gun storeship in 1800 and a prison ship in 1802. She was sold in 1817.
  • HMS Portland was a barge probably used to defend Plymouth. She was purchased in 1795 and was sold in 1802.
  • HMS Portland was a 52-gun fourth rate launched in 1822. She was to have been named HMS Kingston, but this was changed before launch in 1817. She was sold in 1862.
  • HMS Portland was to have been a Bangor class minesweeper. She was laid down in 1941 and renamed HMS Taitam later that year. She was captured by the Japanese whilst under construction in 1941 and became the Japanese minesweeper M/S 101. She was sunk by the Americans in 1945.
  • HMS Portland is a Type 23 frigate launched in 1999 and currently in service.

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