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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Strombolo, or HMS Stromboli, after the volcano Stromboli, in Italy:

  • HMS Strombolo was an 8-gun fireship launched in 1691, rebuilt in 1704 and sold in 1713.
  • HMS Strombolo was an 8-gun fireship, formerly the civilian Mollineaux. She was purchased in 1739 and sold in 1743.
  • HMS Strombolo was an 8-gun fireship, formerly the civilian Owner's Goodwill. She was purchased in 1756 and sold in 1768.
  • HMS Strombolo was a fireship, launched in 1746 as the 14-gun sloop HMS Grampus. She was converted to a fireship and renamed Strombolo in 1775 and was hulked in 1780.
  • HMS Stromboli was a bomb vessel launched in 1793. Her fate is unknown.[Note 1]
  • HMS Strombolo (1797?) was a purchased gunboat based at Gibraltar that the Spanish sank during the Action of 19 January 1799.[1][Note 2]
  • HMS Strombolo was an 8-gun bomb vessel, formerly the civilian Leander. She was purchased in 1797 and broken up in 1809.
  • HMS Strombolo was a bomb vessel, formerly the 14-gun sloop HMS Autumn, purchased in 1801. She was converted to a bomb vessel and renamed Strombolo in 1811; she was sold in 1815.
  • HMS Stromboli was a wooden paddle sloop launched in 1839 and sold in 1866.

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