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Thirty-nine vessels of the Royal Navy and its predecessors have borne the name Swallow,[Note 1] as has one dockyard craft, two vessels of the British East India Company, and at least two revenue cutters,[1] all after the bird, the Swallow:

Two small vessels of the East India Company's Bombay Marine also bore the name Swallow:

  • The Swallow of 1770 was a 14-gun ketch launched in 1770 at Bombay, and lost in 1776.
  • The Swallow of 1777 was a 14-gun packet launched in 1777 at Bombay. She was sold to the Danish in 1780, recaptured in 1782, and possibly being named Silly. She was sold into mercantile service in 1784.

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  1. ^ In accordance with Wikipedia naming conventions, the prefix HMS is not used in this index for ships before 1660. The term "His Majesty's Ship" was introduced around 1660 and was routinely abbreviated HMS from about 1780 onwards.
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