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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Union:

  • HMS Union was a fifth rate of unknown origin, possibly a hired vessel. She was burnt in 1693 to avoid being captured by the French.
  • HMS Union was a 90-gun second rate, previously named HMS Albemarle. She was renamed HMS Union in 1709, was rebuilt in 1726 and broken up in 1749.
  • HMS Union was a 90-gun second rate launched in 1756. She was converted into a hospital ship in 1799 and was renamed HMS Sussex in 1802. She was broken up in 1816.
  • HMS Union was a 3-gun gunvessel purchased in 1794 and listed until 1798.
  • HMS Union was a cutter in service in 1806 and broken up in 1810.
  • HMS Union was a 98-gun second rate launched in 1811 and broken up in 1833.
  • HMS Union was a 3-gun schooner purchased in 1823 and wrecked in 1828.
  • HMS Union was a U-class submarine launched in 1940 and sunk in 1941.