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Nine ships and one shore establishment of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Wasp, with one other government vessel using the name:


Shore Establishments[edit]

Other vessels[edit]

  • Torpedo Boat No. 191 was a second-class spar torpedo boat launched in 1883 by Thornycroft for Tasmanian service, arriving in Hobart on the SS Abington, on 1 May 1884. Called Wasp by her builders, she was referred to only by the number TB 1 when in service. She was transferred to South Australia in 1905, being towed behind the Protector, and sold in 1917.
  • Wasp was one of two schooners built at Calcutta for the Bengal Government in 1799. She served for three years in the Red Sea before being turned over to the government in Bombay.[4] The other may have been Fury. They both supported General Baird's expedition to Egypt to help General Ralph Abercromby expel the French there.[5]

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