HMT Firefly

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United Kingdom
Name: HMT Firefly
Builder: Cook, Welton & Gemmill, Beverley
Yard number: 552
Launched: 23 August 1930
Completed: 23 September 1930
Acquired: September 1939
Renamed: St Just in 1946
Fate: Scrapped by 1 March 1961
General characteristics
Displacement: 394 tons
Length: 44.2 m pp
Beam: 7.5 m
Notes: Pennant number FY673

HMT Firefly was a minesweeping trawler that saw service during the Second World War.

She was built by Cook, Welton & Gemmill, of Beverley and launched on 23 August 1930. She was operated by the St Andrew's Steam Fishing Company Ltd, out of Hull.


The Admiralty requisitioned on the outbreak of war and commissioned her in September 1939. In early 1940 she endeavored to defuse a floating horned mine in the Firth of Forth. The mine unfortunately prematurely detonated and killed and wounded almost 90 per cent of the ship's company.


The Admiralty returned to her original owners in January 1945. She was renamed St Just in 1946 and had been scrapped at Passage West, Ireland by 1 March 1961.