HM Hired armed schooner Flying Fish

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United Kingdom
Name: Flying Fish
In service: 19 June 1804
Fate: Sunk 15 December 1804
General characteristics [1]
Tons burthen: 1474494 (bm)
Sail plan: Schooner
Armament: 12 × 12-pounder carronades

His Majesty's hired armed schooner Flying Fish, served the Royal Navy from 19 June 1804 to 15 December when HMS Aigle accidentally ran her down and sank her; Aigle rescued the crew.[1]

On 5 September the Navy had renamed her Gertrude, but the change of name was not widely known. The report in Lloyd's List still referred to her as Flying Fish.[2]

Gertrude, Lieutenant George Broad, commander, had been ordered to join the blockade squadron off Ushant. As the two vessels maneuvered close to each other Aigle ran over Gertrude, rolling her over and sending her masts overboard. Aigle passed over Gertrude. Aigle was able, with difficulty, to save Gertrude's crew.[3]

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