HM Prison Bullingdon

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HMP Bullingdon
Location Arncott, Oxfordshire
Security class Adult Male/B&C
Population 1114 (as of December 2008)
Opened 1992
Managed by HM Prison Services
Governor Ian Blakeman
Website Bullingdon at

HMP Bullingdon is a Category B/C men's prison, in the village of Arncott (near Bicester) in Oxfordshire, England. The prison is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service. Bullingdon Prison is named after Bullingdon, the ancient hundred in Oxfordshire.


Opened in 1994, Bullingdon was constructed as a ‘new gallery' design prison, with its four main houseblocks divided into three-galleried units. A fifth houseblock was added in 1998 which is a two-galleried unit, and a sixth added in 2008, another two-galleried unit. The prison was highlighted as being dangerously overcrowded in 2002 by Colin Moses (chairman of the Prison Officers Association) in a speech to the TUC conference.[1] A year later Bullingdon was embroiled in further controversy when Deputy Governor Terence McLaren was arrested for possession of cocaine and child pornography offences.[2] A prisoner escaped from Bullingdon a month later.[3] The prison was again highlighted as the most overcrowded in England in 2004.[4] In 2006 Governor Phil Taylor was criticised after he banned the display of the England flag by Prison Officers for fear of upsetting foreign inmates.[5]

Bullingdon Prison accepts Category-B prisoners from the local courts on remand as well as general Category-C prisoners. A range of work, education and training courses is offered, some of which can lead to Open University qualifications. The chaplaincy has a full-time Church of England chaplain and Imam.

A successful reading group scheme has operated in Bullingdon Prison; authors Boris Johnson and Nicci French have visited the group to join in discussions.[6]

Notable inmates[edit]


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