HM Prison Loddon

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Australian Prisons
HM Prison Loddon
Location: Castlemaine, Victoria
Status: Operational
Classification: Medium Security
Capacity: 409
Opened: August 1990
Managed by: Corrections Victoria

HM Prison Loddon is an Australian medium security prison, located in Central Victoria, Australia, approximately four kilometres from the centre of Castlemaine and about one and a half hours from Melbourne.

Loddon is a campus style prison, within a secure perimeter, providing accommodation for 280 medium security prisoners. The landscaped grounds, modern buildings and wide range of programs and activities provide an environment and facilities which, as closely as possible, resembles those available in the general community.

Drug-free policy[edit]

The main entrance of Loddon Prison.

Loddon was established as a drug-free prison from 1 July 1993. Additional procedures are in place to enforce the drug-free policy and to encourage prisoners to remain drug-free.

Prisoners at a drug-free prison must:

  • Agree to undergo regular and random urine testing and participate in programs, as decided upon with case managers.
  • Any prisoner at Loddon who tests positive to drugs or alcohol or refuses a urine test will be transferred immediately, as will any prisoner who is found guilty of a prison offence related to drugs or alcohol.

Release of gorse spider mite[edit]

In 1998 as part of a biocontrol program, the gorse spider mite (Tetranychus lintearius) was first released on this site to control gorse (Ulex europaeus).


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