HM Prison Morwell River

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HM Prison Morwell River
Morwell River Prison (2006).JPG
Morwell River Prison late 2006
Location Victoria
Coordinates 38°12′58″S 146°22′00″E / 38.2161°S 146.3666°E / -38.2161; 146.3666Coordinates: 38°12′58″S 146°22′00″E / 38.2161°S 146.3666°E / -38.2161; 146.3666
Status Closed
Security class Minimum Security
Capacity 100
Opened 1951
Closed 1997
Managed by Corrections Victoria

HM Prison Morwell River, opened in 1951, was an open prison located near Morwell, Victoria. Inmates and prison officers (normally bitter enemies, "crims" and "screws") called a truce while working on the project. Prisoners were taken to shopping centers in Morwell and left unattended, at total liberty and on trust, to rattle their tins. Civilian clothes (rather than the shapeless "prison green" tracksuits and Dunlop sneakers) were worn. The local community was generous, supportive and accepting of the men from Morwell River Prison Farm. [1]

Notable prisoners[edit]


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