HNK Trogir

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HNK Trogir
Full name HNK Trogir
Founded 1912
Ground Igralište Batarija
Ground Capacity 1,021

HNK Trogir is a Croatian football club, based in town of Trogir on the Croatian coast. Trogir plays home matches at Igralište Batarija.


HNK Trogir was founded in 1912 under the name Trogir. The first president was Lujo Madirazza. After World War I was rebuilt under the name Slaven, which carries up to 1990 when he again took the name HNK Trogir. In 2009 the club fell into financial difficulties and resigned from the Treća HNL – South. From 2009 the club is fan-owned.


Croatia Treća HNL – South:

  • Winners (1): 2006–07

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