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Hr. Ms. K XVIII (11 July 1935).jpg
Builder: Fijenoord, Rotterdam
Laid down: 10 June 1931
Launched: 27 September 1932
Commissioned: 23 March 1934
Fate: Sunk on 16 June 1945
General characteristics [1]
Class and type: K XIV class submarine
  • 865 tons surfaced
  • 1045 tons submerged
Length: 73.64 m (241 ft 7 in)
Beam: 6.51 m (21 ft 4 in)
Draught: 3.93 m (12 ft 11 in)
  • 17 kn (31 km/h; 20 mph) surfaced
  • 9 kn (17 km/h; 10 mph) submerged
  • 10,000 nmi (19,000 km; 12,000 mi) at 12 kn (22 km/h; 14 mph) on the surface
  • 26 nmi (48 km; 30 mi) at 8.5 kn (15.7 km/h; 9.8 mph) submerged
Complement: 38

K XVIII was one of five K XIV class submarines built for the Royal Netherlands Navy. She served during World War II.

Service history[edit]

The submarine was laid down in Rotterdam at the shipyard of Fijenoord on 10 June 1931. The launch took place on 27 September 1932. On 23 March 1934 the boat was commissioned in the Dutch navy.[2] From 20 June to 1 August 1934 K XVIII, K XVII, Hertog Hendrik, Evertsen and Z 5 made a trip to the Baltic Sea. The ports of Gdynia, Königsberg, Riga and Copenhagen were visited.[2]

On 14 November 1934 the boat was sent to the Dutch East Indies where she arrived on 11 July 1935 in Surabaya. During this journey Felix Andries Vening Meinesz conducted gravity measurements,[2] as he had previously done aboard the USS S-21 in the Caribbean. On 6 September 1938 she participated in a fleet show at Surabaya. The show was held in honor of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands who celebrating her fortieth year as head of state. More than twenty navy ships participated in the show.[2]

In the war K XVIII sank several Japanese ships.[2] On 24 January 1942 the boat was severely damaged by Japanese depth charges and was forced to return to Surabaya to be repaired.[2] While still under repair at Surabaya she was scuttled on 2 March 1942 in order to prevent the Japanese from capturing the boat.[2] K XVIII was raised by the Japanese in 1944 and converted into an air warning picket hulk and deployed in the Madura Strait. On 16 June 1945 the hulk was sunk by the British submarine Taciturn.[2]

Summary of raiding history[edit]

Ships sunk and damaged by K XVIII.[2]

Date Ship name Nationality/Type Tonnage (GRT) Fate
23 January 1942  ? Japanese destroyer 1400 Sunk
23/24 January 1942 Tsuruga Maru Japanese cargo ship 6988 Sunk
24 January 1942 P 37 or # 12 Japanese patrol boat or Submarine Chaser 935 or 291 Damaged


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Coordinates: 06°48′S 112°47′E / 6.800°S 112.783°E / -6.800; 112.783