HNoMS Gor (1884)

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Naval Ensign of Norway (1844-1905).svg Norway
Name: Gor
Namesake: Górmythological co-founder of Norway
Builder: Karljohansvern Naval Yard in Horten
Launched: 7 May 1884
Commissioned: 1884
Captured: by the Germans in 1940
Service record
Operations: Norwegian Campaign
Nazi Germany
Acquired: 1940
Fate: Handed back to Norway after VE Day
Service record
Operations: Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany
Acquired: 1945
Decommissioned: 1945
Fate: Scrapped
General characteristics as built
Class and type: Gor-class Rendel gunboat
Displacement: 290 tons[1]
Length: 31.27 m (102.59 ft)
Propulsion: 420 hp steam engine
Speed: 10 knots (18.52 km/h)
Complement: 44
  • 1 × 26cm/30 (10.2 inch) Krupp breechloading gun
  • 1 × 1pdr (37 mm / 1.46 inch) automatic gun[2]
  • 2 × 1pdr (37 mm / 1.46 inch) revolving gun[3]
General characteristics after rebuild
Displacement: 290 tons[1]
Length: 31.27 m (102.59 ft)
Propulsion: 420 hp steam engine
Speed: 10 knots (18.52 km/h)
Complement: 38
  • 2 × 76 mm (3 inch) QF gun
  • 2 × 37mm (1.46 inch) guns
  • 55 mines[1]

The HNoMS Gor was a Gor-class Rendel gunboat built for the Royal Norwegian Navy at Karljohansvern Naval Yard in Horten in 1884. She was one of a class of two gunboats - the other ship in her class being Tyr. The Gor and Tyr can be seen as improved Vale-class gunboats.

Construction and armament[edit]

Gor was built at Karljohansvern Naval Yard in Horten, and had yard number 64.

Her main gun was 7.8m meters long,[4] or about a quarter of the length of the whole vessel. In addition she was armed with three smaller, automatic guns for self defence.

Shortly before World War I, Gor was rebuilt as a mine layer. During this rebuild, the heavy gun and one of the 37 mm guns was replaced with two more potent 76 mm guns. Since the heavy gun and ammunition was removed, Gor could carry 55 mines.

Service history[edit]

Gor was kept in service until the German invasion in 1940. Until the surrender of Norwegian forces in southern Norway, she mostly operated in the Sognefjord, and she fell into German hands for the remainder of the war.

After World War II, Gor was returned to the Royal Norwegian Navy, and scrapped shortly thereafter.



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