HNoMS Lyn (1882)

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Lyn class torpedoboat
Lyn class torpedo boat Blink.
Naval Ensign of Norway (1844-1905).svg
Name: Lyn
Ordered: 1882
Launched: 1882
Commissioned: 1882
Fate: Scrapped, 1920
General characteristics
Type: Torpedo boat
Displacement: 42 long tons (43 t)
Complement: 11
  • 1 × 37 mm (1.5 in) gun
  • 1 × fixed torpedo tube

HNoMS Lyn - or just Lyn in Norwegian - was the lead ship of a class of 27 torpedo boats built between 1892 and 1912. The name means Lightning. By modern standards, she was extremely lightly armed with just one 'quick fire' 37 mm cannon and a single, fixed torpedo tube, but in her time she did pack a punch. Later boats of her class carried heavier armament. Lyn was later renamed Od, before she and most of her class were scrapped in 1920, long after they were obsolete.

Small, nimble and fast craft for their time, the class provided much of the backbone for the Royal Norwegian Navy in the time leading up to Norwegian independence in 1905, and also during World War I. The class was often referred to as cigars due to their shape as seen on the photos. These qualities made them excellent torpedo boats - small size and low freeboard - but also made them very uncomfortable boats to crew, with cramped quarters and not very seaworthy.

Over the 30 years the class was built, the size increased steadily, as well as the armament. The last boats in the class had a displacement almost twice that of Lyn, and two fixed torpedo tubes instead of just one. The class was in the later years of their service referred to as "2nd class" torpedo boats, to differentiate them from the larger "1st class" torpedo boats, which had one or two moveable torpedo launchers on deck.