HNoMS Roald Amundsen (F311)

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KNM Roald Amundsen (F311) underway in the Atlantic Ocean on 16 February 2018 (180216-N-GC347-175).JPG
Roald Amundsen in 2018
Name: Roald Amundsen
Namesake: Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen
Ordered: 23 June 2000
Builder: Navantia, Ferrol
Laid down: 3 June 2004
Launched: 24 May 2005
Commissioned: 21 May 2007
Status: Active
General characteristics
Class and type: Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate
Displacement: 5,290 tons
Length: 134 m (439.63 ft)
Beam: 16.8 m (55.12 ft)
Draft: 7.6 m (24.93 ft)
Speed: 27 knots (50.00 km/h)
Range: 4,500 nautical miles (8,334.00 km)
  • 120 men, accommodations for 146
  • Lockheed Martin AN/SPY-1F 3-D multifunction radar
  • Reutech RSR 210N air/sea surveillance radar
  • Sagem Vigy 20 Electro Optical Director
  • MRS 2000 hull mounted sonar
  • Captas MK II V1 active/passive towed sonar
  • 2 × Mark 82 fire-control radar
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Terma DL-12T decoy launcher, Loki torpedo countermeasure
Aircraft carried: 1 × NH90 helicopter

HNoMS Roald Amundsen is a Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Construction and commissioning[edit]

Built by the Spanish shipbuilders Navantia, in Ferrol, Roald Amundsen was the second of the Fridtjof Nansen class to be launched and then commissioned into the Royal Norwegian Navy.[1]


In January 2018 Roald Amundsen arrived at Naval Station Norfolk with the German Sachsen-class frigate Hessen, preparatory to both deploying on a Composite Training Unit Exercise with USS Harry S. Truman and Carrier Strike Group 8, followed by service in the Mediterranean.[2]


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