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The HOAP series robots are an advanced humanoid robot platform manufactured by Fujitsu Automation[1] in Japan. HOAP is an abbreviation for "Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform".

The HOAP series should not be confused with the HRP series (also known as Promet).


In 2001, Fujitsu realized its first commercial humanoid robot named HOAP-1. The HOAP-2 was released in 2003 followed by the HOAP-3[2] in 2005.

Specifications of HOAP-2[edit]

  • Height: 1 ft 7 in (48 cm)[3]
  • Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg)[3]
  • HOAP-2 system consists of the robot body, PC and power supplies.
  • The PC OS uses RT-Linux (open C/C++language)
  • Smooth movement became realized because the electric current control of motor was possible(except neck and hand).
  • USB interface for the internal LAN makes modification or addition of new actuators and sensors easily accomplished.
  • The neck, waist and hands now have movement capability. Smooth movement can be realized now.
  • Easy to program and simple initial start up using sample program, included with Robot purchase.

An interactive Webots model of the HOAP-2 robot listing the available DOFs, sensors, and actuators is available here.

Capabilities of HOAP-2[edit]

HOAP-2 has been demonstrated with capabilities to successfully perform the following tasks, among others:

  • walking on flat terrain [4]
  • performing sumo movements[5]
  • cleaning a whiteboard[6][7]
  • following a ball[8]
  • grasping thin objects, such as pens, brushes, etc.


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