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The Hematology-Oncology Research Center and Stem Cell Transplantation[1] (HORCSCT; formerly HORCBMT) is affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)[2] and based in Shariati Hospital,[3] Tehran, Iran. As a main national hematology-oncology center, it is among the most prominent stem cell transplantation centers in the world, with more than 300 successful transplantations performed per year.

The Center is mainly involved in new therapeutic approaches which are developed or under development for hematologic-oncologic patients, particularly stem cell transplantation. In addition, it is involved in the research activities aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of different hematologic and oncologic diseases.

The Center was founded in 1991 by Professor Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh, who is currently the Center director. It was further expanded in 2000, when it was moved to a new 4800 m2 building well-equipped for different basic and clinical research and services.

Shariati Hospital, Hematology Division was established in 1353 Drknarbkhsh lungs. In 1357 his doctor Ghavamzadeh Vmtrh Bahzrr of modern oncology, hematology Vankvlvzhy. With the advancement of medical knowledge in the field of cancer therapy and bone marrow transplantation as a treatment of choice, especially in the creation of some blood diseases, cancer, genetic disorders, safety and promote this sector in 1369 with the change of nursing personnel to appropriate physical space bone marrow stem cells can be carried out. Nyazyh Cohesion Policy Studies Program Construction led the research as part of the Research Center for Hematology - Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services Research Foundation as a separate 1372 officially started its activities to. Due to the growing population and a significant increase in patients who require transplantation of blood, bone, brain, Dr. Kwame M. et al. Authorities with the aid of the country's (the Board of Trustees currency university Tehran Majlis Vryast Islamic Council of the Republic) The decision to establish the Research Center for Hematology - Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation in place with the space and facilities were improved. New building in the center with an area of 3,800 square meters and is set on four floors with facilities, doctor Shariati Hospital of Tehran in 1377 was put into operation.

Iran will invest 2.5 billion dollars in the country's stem cell research over the next five years (2008-2013).[4]



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