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Not to be confused with Hospital OS.
Original author(s) Chaiyaporn Suratemekul
Developer(s) Bangkok Medical Software Company
Initial release 1999 (1999)
Type Hospital information system
License GNU General Public License
Website hosxp.net

HOSxP is a hospital information system, including Electronic health record (EHR), in use in over 70 hospitals across Thailand. The software aims to ease the healthcare workflow of health centers, for small sanatoriums to central hospitals.

Before becoming HOSxP, the software was called KSK-HDBMS. Seeking a more friendly name, the development team opted for the name HOSxP, which comes from Hospital and Experience. The name also reflects the software's graphical user interface, which mimic the theme of Windows XP, no matter what actually the underlying operating system.

Distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL), HOSxP is free software.


The development started in 1999. Emerged from a solo project by Chaiyaporn Suratemekul, a pharmacist by training, now main developers of the software are staffs from Bangkok Medical Software Co., Ltd., a company led by Chaiyaporn. The development infrastructure, including source code repository, is hosted by SourceForge.net.

Architecture and technical information[edit]

HOSxP uses a client–server architecture. For the database server, it is claimed to run on many RDBMS, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Interbase/Firebird.

It uses a two-tier Client–server architecture with server software running on either Linux or Microsoft Windows and client software can run only on Microsoft Windows. It implements Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and uses Multi-tier technology based on Borland DataSnap.

Borland Delphi and its Linux counterpart Kylix are the integrated development environments of choice in the project.

A user is allowed to write scripts in the Pascal programming language to automate tasks in HOSxP.

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