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Type Business
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Introduced 1988
Discontinued 1990
Cost $110
Entry mode Algebraic, RPN
Display type LCD
Display size 132x16
Processor Saturn
Power supply 3 button sized cells
Weight 4.25oz
Dimensions 14.7cm Length , 7.8cm Width , 1.5cm Height.[1]

HP-17B is an algebraic entry financial and business calculator manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, introduced on January 4, 1988 along with the HP-19B, HP-27S and the HP-28S. It was a simplified business model, like the 19B. There were two versions, the US one working in English only, and the international one with a choice of six languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese).


HP-17B code name was Trader and it belonged to the Pioneer series of Hewlett-Packard calculators.[2] It had a 132x16 LCD dot matrix, 22x2 characters, menu-driven display,[3] used a Saturn processor and had a memory of 8000 bytes, of which 6750 bytes were available to the user for variable and equation storage. The HP-17B had a clock with alarm that allowed for basic agenda capabilities, as well an infrared port for printing to some Hewlett-Packard infrared printers.

HP 17BII[edit]

The 17B was replaced by the HP 17BII (F1638A) (code name Trader II) in January 1990, which added RPN entry.

HP 17bII+[edit]

The 17BII was replaced by the HP 17bII+ in 2003. Two significantly different case variants of the 17bII+ exist. The newer 17bII+ (F2234A), introduced in 2007, with Sunplus Technology SPLB31A CPU was developed and is manufactured by Kinpo Electronics.[4]


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