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HP 32SII.jpg
HP-32SII Scientific RPN Calculator
Entry mode RPN


The HP-32S was a programmable RPN Scientific Calculator introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1988. A model was built in 1987 by HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY in USA (sérial number 2838A13810) and discontinued in 1991. It continued the tradition of the HP-15C programmable RPN Scientific Calculator. But some functions of the HP-15C were omitted (matrix calculations) and some were reduced in functionality (complex calculations), so to some extent it's more correct to say that the HP-32S rather expanded on the HP-34C. It supported complex math, statistics, probability, etc.


The HP-32SII added algebraic math, fractions and a second shift key. This was introduced in 1991 and discontinued in 2002.

Sample Program[edit]

 ; This is an HP-32Sii version of the Euclidean algorithm
 ; to find the greatest common divisor (GCD).
 ; You run this by putting the two numbers for
 ; which you want to find the GCD and pressing "XEQ E"
 E01 LBL E
 E02 STO A
 F01 LBL F
 F02 ÷
 F03 FP
 F04 RCL A
 F05 x
 F06 1
 F07 x>y?
 F08 GTO G
 F09 R(DOWN)
 F10 PSE
 F11 x<>A
 F12 RCL A
 F13 GTO F
 G01 LBL G
 G02 RCL A
 G03 RTN

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