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A HP Xpander

The HP Xpander (F1903A) aka "Endeavour" was to be Hewlett-Packard's newest graphing calculator in 2001, but the project was cancelled in November 2001 months before it was scheduled to go into production.[1][2] It had both a keyboard and a pen-based interface, measured 162.6 mm by 88.9 mm by 22.9 mm, with a large grayscale screen, and ran on two rechargeable AA batteries. It had a semi-translucent green cover on a gray case and an expansion slot.

The underlying operating system was Windows CE 3.0. It had 8 MB RAM, 16 MB ROM, a geometry application, a 240×320 display, a Hitachi SH3 processor, and e-lessons. One of the obvious omissions in the Xpander was the lack of a computer algebra system (CAS).

Math Xpander[edit]

After discontinuing the Xpander, HP decided to release the Xpander software, named the Math Xpander, as a free-of-charge application that ran on Windows CE-based Pocket PC devices. It was hosted by Saltire Software, who had been involved in its design.[3][4]

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