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HPE Helion
IndustryComputer software
IT services
IT consulting
FoundedMay 2014 (2014-05)
Palo Alto, California
United States
Key people
Kerry Bailey, Bobby Patrick, Mark Interrante, Bill Hilf
ParentHewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE Helion was a portfolio of open-source software and integrated systems for enterprise cloud computing. It was announced by HPE Cloud in May 2014.[1] HPE Helion grew from under US$300 million to over US$3 billion by 2016.[citation needed] HP closed the public cloud business on 31 January 2016.[2] HP has hybrid cloud and other offerings but the Helion public cloud offering was shut down.[3]

HPE Helion was based on open-source technology, including OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.


  • HPE Helion OpenStack, product based on OpenStack cloud computing project launched in October 2014.[4][5] The HPE-sponsored cloud services catalogue Cloud28+ exclusively featured software built with HPE Helion OpenStack when it launched in 2014.[6]
  • HPE Helion Stackato is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on Cloud Foundry, which HPE acquired in July 2015.[7] Helion Stackato is available for OpenStack, AWS, VMWare and Azure.
  • HPE Helion CloudSystem, an integrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offering combining HPE Helion OpenStack and HPE Helion Stackato with HPE Proliant server hardware based on a particular use-case, such as distributed compute or distributed object storage. CloudSystem 10 launched in September 2016.[8]
  • HPE Helion Eucalyptus is an Amazon Web Services-compatible platform for building cloud environments, based in the open-source Eucalyptus software, which HPE launched in March 2015.[9] It allows AWS applications to be moved on-premises with no modification to the workload, design patterns, or mindset.

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