HP 660LX

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HP 660LX
Developer Hewlett Packard
Type Palmtop
Operating system Windows CE 2.0 / Windows CE 2.11
CPU 75MHz Hitachi SH3
Memory 32 MB
Display 640x240 pixels
Input Keyboard, Touchscreen
Connectivity CompactFlash type I

The HP 660LX (F1270A) is a handheld, palmtop organizer that runs Windows CE 2.0 or 2.11, with hardware very similar to the previous model, the HP 620lx. It has a CompactFlash type I card slot, a PC card slot, a serial link cable plug, and an infrared port.[1]

It is internet capable by attaching an add-on modem or through an ethernet or wifi card. Only type 1 PC cards are supported and special drivers for the Windows CE operating system are required.

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