HP Mini 210

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HP Mini 210
Developer HP
Manufacturer HP
Product family HP Mini
Type Netbook
Release date 2010
Operating system Windows 7 Starter
CPU Intel Atom N455/475 Dual Thread
Memory 2.00 GB
Storage 5400 rpm HDD
Display 10 inch 1024 by 600 standard netbook resolution. A simple registry hack can allow higher resolutions, which combined with the screen resolution (unit DPI), one can get a lot more screen size.
Camera 2.0 MP optical
Connectivity Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Power 10 hours with a six-cell battery. The battery power is really determined by what one does and how many things are running and how the hardware is configured.
Weight 3 pounds (1 kg)
Website www8.hp.com/ca/en/home.html

The HP Mini 210 was a netbook computer. Smaller than a standard notebook computer, a netbook is used most for web surfing.[1]