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HP Slate 500
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Type Tablet PC
Release date 22 October 2010
Introductory price $799
Operating system Windows 7
CPU Intel Atom Z540 processor @1.86 GHz
Memory 2 GB
Storage 64 GB,
Display 8.9″ screen (1024×600 px)
Sound IDT HD Audio
Input Multi-touch touchscreen display; N-Trig DuoSense active digitizer with pen support
Camera Front Webcam (0.3 MPx), rear camera (3 MPx)
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, Bluetooth
Power 2-cell (30 WHr) polymer battery
Dimensions 9.21 in (23.4 cm) (h)
5.7 in (14.5 cm) (w)
0.57 in (1.4 cm) (d)
Weight 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)
Website www.hp.com/slate

The HP Slate 500 is a multi-touch capable Windows 7 tablet computer that was announced at CES 2010 and launched on 22 October 2010.[1][2]


The Slate 500 began as an e-reader concept,[3] but after further study of the uses for such devices, HP realigned their goal to deliver a product that provided a "rich user experience; to browse, listen to music, watch videos and enjoy media".[4]

HP Chief Technology Officer, Phil McKinney, stated that "2010 is the optimal year...there is now this convergence of low cost, low power processors, with an Operating System - Windows 7 that is touch aware."[4]


The Slate 500 has a three-megapixel camera on its back panel and a VGA resolution webcam on the front panel, an 8.9" capacitive multi-touch screen supporting 1024×600 pixel resolution with digitizer and pen support.[1] The Slate is powered by a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor with 2GB DDR2 of RAM, 64GB of onboard solid state flash storage and one standard USB 2.0 port.[1][5] The device supports 1080p playback powered by the Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics chipset in addition to a Broadcom Crystal HD media accelerator card for hardware assisted video playback.[1][5] Wireless capabilities include the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth support. Power is supplied by a 2-cell 30WHr lithium-polymer battery with an average runtime of 5 hours.[5]

The Slate 500 also has support for a stylus pen/digitizer, to enable on-screen freehand drawing and writing.[1]


The Slate 500 runs Windows 7, which includes native touch technology.[1] Adobe Systems and HP confirmed that the "full web" experience will be available on the Slate 500, including full hardware accelerated Adobe Flash content and Adobe AIR applications.[6]

When upgraded to Windows 8, the display resolution will preclude the use of the tiled interface. However, with a driver from Intel, resolution can be changed to 1024 x 768 which is the minimum value for Modern interface.


HP announced that the device was available for purchase on 22 October 2010, initially with a cost of US$799.[2] A month after launch, HP announced that the device was back ordered for six weeks due to "extraordinary demand," though Engadget claimed that a source said that HP had planned to build only 5,000 Slates, but received orders for 9,000, forcing the delay.[7]


The Slate 500 (at the time known simply as the Slate) received a positive reception when it was shown at CES 2010. CNBC said "HP's Slate has been the big buzz".[8]

Initial reviews have not met a general consensus yet. CNET said the device was a "lightweight, sturdy device, with...a slick industrial design and several hardware advantages over the iPad."[9] Its only criticism was the lack of a specialized interface for touchscreen use; rather, the Slate has no additional software beyond what is included with Windows 7 Professional, and the CNET review considered this a limitation for productivity uses.[9]

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