HRR 98.5FM

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City Sydney, New South Wales
Broadcast area Australia
Slogan Where the Rock Never Stops !
Frequency 98.5 mHz FM
First air date 2008
Format Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Power Maximum power
Class Community radio
Owner Multicultural Community Radio Association Ltd
Website Official website

HRR 98.5FM is a hard rock/heavy metal show on radio broadcasting from the studio of 2000FM from the suburb of Burwood, Australia.


HRR first aired on April 13, 2008. It was born out of frustration over the lack of hard rock music in the Sydney radio landscape.

Show format[edit]

  • The show starts with a part of Whitesnake's Children of the Night (off the 1987 album) as the intro,
  • then the first song,.
  • then HRR News, presented by the Bez,
  • Controversy Corner discusses controversial topics in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal world. Controversy Corner is usually replaced if there is an interview on the show.
  • Tone's Treasure follows, with a rock track from Tone's special collection,
  • TC or The Bo then play new releases and usually have an Aussie Assault song after the new release,
  • The Bo presents the local and international Gig Guide,
  • followed by the Ballad of the Week,
  • Nostradamus (featuring Judas Priest's Prophecy song) is played where the boys make ridiculous predictions for the coming week,
  • The show ends with the boys playing Whitelion's Farewell to You (off Mane Attraction) song and they all sing the "na na nanana" part during the end of the song.


The HRR Team have interviewed the following bands:

  • Mexican Dolls (from Sydney)
  • Andrew McNeice from Melodic
  • Blaze Bayley - ex Iron Maiden singer
  • Hell City Glamours - Sydney Band
  • L.U.S.T - Sydney band
  • Mark Gable from the Choirboys

Interviews are usually placed on the Official website a few days after the broadcast of the show.


Regular listeners SMS the show via their mobile phones with their comments and views and frustrations with the HRR Team regarding the lack of overseas bands touring Australia. Overseas listeners tune into the show via streaming online on the Official website after 10pm Sydney AEST on Sunday night.

HRR team[edit]

  • Tone - King of the show who provides quirky Treasure each week to the show.
  • TC - Biggest Iron Maiden fan in Australia (literally) and reviews all the new releases.
  • Bez - "Cowboy Hat" Bez brings all the news and controversy to the show.
  • Bo - Major Van Halen fan who provides the local gigs to the show.
  • Work Experience Pete - Unofficial member of the show but a 15-year student who appears on the show in his spare time and plays on Skid Row Songs.

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