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Launched 27 August 1972 (1972-08-27)
Network Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Owned by Croatian Government
Picture format 576i (SDTV) 16:9
1080i (HDTV) 16:9 (To be introduced during 2019)
Country Croatia
Language Croatian
Broadcast area Croatia
Headquarters Zagreb
Formerly called
  • Radiotelevision Zagreb (RTZ), part of Yugoslav Radiotelevisiony (JRTY) (1956-1990)
  • Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) (1990-present)
Sister channel(s)
OiV free-to-air Channel 2
OiV - Eutelsat 16A 16°E
Viaccess 2.5
Viaccess 3.0
Channel 2
Streaming media
HRTi Watch live (Croatia only)

HRT 2 (HTV 2, "Drugi program") is a Croatian public mainstream TV channel, operated by Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT). Its line-up focuses mainly on entertainment, although it also broadcasts news and documentaries.

Current line-up[edit]

News shows[edit]

  • Panorama – news from Croatia's major cities
  • Vijesti na Drugom – main news programme

Croatian soap operas[edit]

  • Obični ljudi ("Regular People")


  • VIP Music Club (music show)
  • Žutokljunac (children's programme)
  • Odmori se, zaslužio si (Croatian family sitcom)
  • Luda kuća (Croatian sitcom)
  • Volim nogomet (Croatian football league)
  • Na kraju ulice (children's programme)
  • Žuti marker (cronicle jurnal's programme)
  • Bitange i princeze (Croatian sitcom)

Foreign series[edit]

Documentaries and talk shows[edit]

  • Parlaonica – teenage talk show
  • Slikovnica – special show featuring old recordings from HRT
  • Na rubu znanosti – science talk show
  • Briljanteen – teen/children's talk show

Comedy series[edit]

  • Zakon ("Law")
  • Bitange i princeze ("Scoundrels and Princesses")
  • Odmori se zaslužio si ("Relax, You Deserve It")
  • Naši i vaši ("Ours and Yours")

Previously on HRT2[edit]

Foreign series[edit]



  • Volim nogomet
  • Putna groznica (quiz show)
  • Vip Music Club LP (music chart show)
  • Hit depo (music chart show)
  • Pravo vrijeme (music chart show)
  • Kruške i jabuke (Ready Steady Cook)
  • Garaža (live concert show)
  • Veliki odmor (school programme)

Logo history[edit]

Years Description
1972–June 1990 Yellow RTZ with small captions.
June 1990–January 1994 Thick yellow "2" with the letters HTV underneath.
January 1994–March 1995 The letters HRT with white font and shadow.
March 1995–October 1997 Thick-font letters HRT.
October 1997–4 October 2000 Stylized blue/grey "2" in square.
5 October 2000–present day Present logo of HRT 2, with a higher resolution version added in August 2008.

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