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High Speed Broadband Radio Access (HSBRA) is a trademark for products by the Italian company Reicom.[1]

HSBRA includes a Viterbi decoder, a convolutional and puncturing system, a real time advanced signal equalizer, a hardware based interleaver, with a real time scrambler for data whitening, combined with some innovative digital signal processing algorithms.

HSBRA technology claimed fast channel hook-up time, and stable, secure and deterministic connections regardless of how fast the radio is moving. The company claimed a connection between two HSRBA radios could be established in 94 microseconds –10,000 times faster compared to the 2–5 seconds needed when using standard products using the Wi-Fi trademark.[1]

HSBRA provides any radio transceiver better hearing, regardless of the modulation it works on. A radio with a better hearing, on equal modulation, translates into a radio that can perform better in range and provide higher throughput in much harsher environments, such as railway, bus public transportation up to automotive and military environs.


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