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HSED or High School Equivalency Diploma[1] or HEP[2] is comparable to achieving a high school diploma instead of simply proving the skills by taking the GED. Sometimes it can be synonym.[3] When spelled HSed it can mean home schooled.

In some places, such as Wisconsin, the HSED is equivalent to a high school diploma because the Department of Public Instruction awards the credential. It is different from the GED which only certifies the individual has the equivalent of a traditional high school education. Similar programs can be found in other states such as California.[4] There are five ways to achieve the HSED according to the Wisconsin State Law setting up the HSED:

  • PI 5.05 - Take the GED tests and pass three other skill required courses plus a career counseling section.
  • PI 5.06 - Complete unfinished high school credits at a local high school or college.
  • PI 5.07 - Attain 24 semester or 32 quarter credits at a university or technical college; electives are allowed.
  • PI 5.08 - Have a foreign degree or diploma.
  • PI 5.09 - Go through an approved special high school completion program offered by a technical college or other group.[5]

There are currently no venues for achieving a valid GED or HSED credential online. A number of diploma mills[6] claim to offer such a service, but they are unofficial and invalid.

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