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HSU Research
Home Audio Manufacturer
Industry Audio
Founded 1991
Headquarters Anaheim, CA, United States
Key people
Dr. Poh Ser Hsu, Founder
Products Loudspeakers, Signal Processors
Website www.hsuresearch.com

HSU Research is a consumer loudspeaker manufacturer based in Anaheim, California.

About the company[edit]

Hsu Research Inc was created in 1991. Their initial focus was on subwoofers. The founder, Dr. Poh Ser Hsu, received his Ph.D. in civil engineering from MIT. Dr. Hsu also holds a patent for a high-speed switching semiconductor.[1]


According to Hsu's website, the first product used sonotube (a product used to make forms for concrete), was seven feet tall, and produced bass down to 16 Hz. The next line of subwoofers, the VTF series, could be tuned for either bass extension or output.

In 2003, a cheaper product line aimed at the mass market was created called the STF series. The patented Ventriloquist six-channel speaker system also came to market, garnering many rave reviews, including an Editor's Choice award from CNET and making the cover of $ensible Sound magazine.

In 2006, Dr Hsu applied for patents on several new technologies, including the Turbocharger, mid-bass module (positional optimization of low frequency reproduction), and a way of bending a port tube so it will perform as well as a straight port. The VTF-3 HO was introduced this year, utilizing the Turbocharger and bent-port patent filing. Using a 12-inch woofer with XBL^2 linear-motor technology licensed from Adire Audio, the VTF-3 HO can achieve high levels of low-distortion bass reproduction.

In 2007, other implementations of patent-pending technologies came to fruition in the form of the MBM-12 (Mid-Bass Module), the VTF MK 3 line, and the HB-1 (Horn Bookshelf), HC-1 (Horn Center) horn-based loudspeakers. The HB-1 2-way loudspeaker uses a constant-directivity horn, which provides a uniform off-axis response, offering accurate imaging and soundstage reproduction.

In 2008, a 15-inch subwoofer, the ULS-15 was introduced. The ULS-15 woofer features the XBL motor design from Acoustic Development International with linear large-signal Bl within +/- 20 mm. The ULS-15 also features robust 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

Hsu Research sells their products exclusively via their web site.

In 2010, the VTF-15H was finally introduced to the market. Their first ported 15" subwoofer that provides extension, flat, down to 16 Hz. The VTF-15H was also the first to feature the new integrated flare triangular port design allowing Hsu to utilize the maximum port size for the subwoofer and to not be limited by the size of conventional rounded ports.

In 2014, the VTF-15H Mk2 was introduced, along with the VTF-3 Mk5 HP, boasting a newly designed 15" driver with a 600w RMS amplifier that pushed performance and value to new heights.


  • 1991 - HRSW10, HRSW12
  • 1994 - 12V
  • 1994 - 10V
  • 1995 - HRSW12Va
  • 1996 - HRSW210
  • 1996 - TN-825
  • 1998 - TN-1220HO, TN-1225HO
  • 1999 - VTF-2
  • 2002 - VTF-3
  • 2003 - STF-1, STF-2, STF-3, VTF-2 MK 2, VTF-3 MK 2, VT-12
  • 2006 - VTF-3 HO, HB-1, HC-1
  • 2007 - VTF-1, VTF-2 MK 3, VTF-3 MK 3, MBM-12
  • 2008 - ULS-15, HB-1 MK 2, HC-1 MK 2
  • 2010 - VTF-15H
  • 2011 - VTF-3 MK 4
  • 2014 - VTF-15H MK 2, VTF-3 MK 5 HP

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