HSwMS Helsingborg (K32)

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Helsingborg off Gotska Sandön
Name: Helsingborg
Ordered: 1995
Builder: Kockums
Launched: 27 June 2003
Commissioned: N/A
In service: 2009 -
Status: Operational
General characteristics
Class and type: Visby-class corvette
Displacement: 650 t
Length: 72.6 m
Beam: 10.4 m
Draft: 2.5 m
Propulsion: CODAG
2 × KaMeWa Waterjets
4 × Honeywell TF 50 A gas turbines, total rating 16 MW
2 × MTU Friedrichshafen 16 V 2000 N90 diesel engines, total rating 2.6 MW
Speed: 40+ knots
Complement: 27 officers
16 conscripts
Sensors and
processing systems:
Ericsson Sea Giraffe ABM 3D surveillance radar
Ceros 200 Fire control radar system
Condor CS-3701 Tactical Radar Surveillance System
Hull-mounted sonar
Towed array sonar system
Variable depth sonar
Electronic warfare
and decoys:
Rheinmetall Waffe Munition MASS (Multi-Ammunition Softkill) decoy system
Armament: 1 × 57 Mk3
8 × RBS15 Mk2 AShM
Mines and depth charges
Armour: Kockums GHOST Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)Hull
Aviation facilities: Helicopter pad
Notes: The helicopter pad is not yet ready to receive helicopters.

HSwMS Helsingborg is a Swedish Visby-class corvette. She was ordered by the Swedish Government in 1995 and is the second ship of the class built by Kockums. She has been in active service with the 31st Corvette Squadron, 3rd Naval Warfare Flottilla since 19 December 2009.


Kockums delivered her to FMV on 24 April 2006, when she started her extensive operational sea trials, during which she has returned to the yard several times. On 12 August 2006 she left Sweden for the Mediterranean. She returned to Karlskrona 11 September the same year.

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