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HTC Typhoon
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Manufacturer HTC
Compatible networks Tri band GSM
Availability by country August 2004
Form factor Bar
Dimensions 108x46x18 mm
Weight 107 g
Operating system Windows Mobile 2003 SE
CPU TI OMAP730 200 MHz
Memory 32 MB RAM
Storage 64 MB flash ROM
Removable storage miniSD Card
Battery 1050 mAh Li-ion
Data inputs Keypad
Display 176 x 220 px 2.2 in 65,536 (16 bits) color LCD
Rear camera 0.3 (VGA) megapixel
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth 1.2, Infrared, and 2.5 mm headset jack
Other Similar to the HTC Feeler and Amadeus platform

The HTC Typhoon is a smartphone that runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. The phone is manufactured by Taiwanese HTC Corporation (HTC). At the time when the Typhoon was made, HTC was not in the business of selling devices to end-users. Instead, the company had many partners who would rebrand and distribute its devices.

It is based on the ARM Texas Instruments OMAP 730 processor running at 200 MHz. It has 32 MB internal RAM and 64 MB of flash ROM, and is expandable via a miniSD slot. It has a TFT display with 65,536 colours at a resolution of 176x220.

It runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 SE as its operating system, however it is also capable of running Windows Mobile 5.0 after a version was leaked onto the internet. It supports Java applications. Additionally, hacked, or "cooked" versions of Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 and 6.5 have been circulating on the internet.


"Typhoon" is the HTC codename for this device, and the device has been rebranded by several distributors and cell phone carriers, under the following names:

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