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Original author(s) Dave Raggett
Developer(s) HTML Tidy Advocacy Community Group
Written in C[1]
Operating system BSD, Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Type Library, Console Application
License W3C Software Notice and License

HTML Tidy is a console application whose purpose is to fix invalid HTML, detect potential web accessibility errors, and improve the layout and indent style of the resulting markup. It is also a cross-platform library that can be used by programmers in computer applications to add HTML Tidy's capabilities to them.


It was first developed by Dave Raggett [2] of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), then released as a SourceForge[3] project in 2003 and managed by various maintainers.

In 2012 the project was moved to GitHub[4] and maintained by Michael Smith, also of W3C,[5] where critical HTML5 support was added.

In 2015 the HTML Tidy Advocacy Community Group (HTACG)[6] was formed to take over management and development of HTML Tidy as a W3C Community Group.[7]

Its source code is written in ANSI C for maximum portability and compiled binary files are available for a variety of platforms. It is available under the W3C Software Notice and License (a permissive, BSD-style license). Up-to-date versions are currently available only as source code, cloned from its GitHub git version control repository.

Examples of fixes it can make to bad HTML:

  • Straighten mixed-up tags
  • Fix missing or mismatched end tags
  • Add missing items (some tags, quotes, ...)
  • Report proprietary HTML extensions
  • Change layout of markup to predefined style
  • Transform characters from some encodings into HTML entities

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