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Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer HT PS
First flight Jan 2013
Status In service
Primary user China

HT PS UAV is a Chinese multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle developed and deployed by Huang-Tu Police Station (HT PS, 璜土派出所) of Jiang-Yin Police Department (JY PD, 江阴公安局). The general designer is Officer Xu Ming (徐明), who was a People's Liberation Army Air Force major before joining the HT PS after his honorable discharge from PLAAF. After witnessing several incidents in the town of Huang-Tu (Huang-Tu Zhen, 璜土镇) of Jiangyin where a UAV would have been helpful in both law enforcement and rescue operations, Xu decided to apply his model airplane hobby to improve work efficiency and spend over ¥ 300,000 of his own money to develop a UAV better suited for police work. The resulting UAV is a multirotor hexacopter that won a national award,[1] and entered service with HT PS and JY PD. The complete name for this UAV in police service is Multirotor Police UAV (Duo-Xuan-Yi Jing-Yong Wu-Ren-Ji, 多旋翼警用无人机).[2]


  • Speed: 40 km/h
  • Operational altitude: 500 m
  • Remote control radius: 3 km
  • Unit cost: ¥ 80000

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