HUPRA syndrome

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HUPRA syndrome
Other namesHyperuricemia-pulmonary hypertension-renal failure-alkalosis syndrome
Autosomal recessive - en.svg
HUPRA syndrome is inherited via autosomal recessive manner
FrequencyLess than one in a million

HUPRA syndrome is a rare syndrome that was first described in 2010 in two infants of Palestinian origin from the same village in the Jerusalem area.[1] One of the two infants' parents were related.[1] It was later described in a third infant from the same village, whose parents were not related.[1]

The acronym stands for Hyperuricemia, Pulmonary hypertension, Renal failure in infancy and Alkalosis. And it's due to mutations in the mitochondrial SARS enzyme.[1] It is an autosomal recessive disease, that has a prevalence of less than one in a million.[2] One in fifteen of the village's inhabitants were found to carry the genetic mutation.[1]


Those affected were born prematurely, and suffered from feeding difficulties and developmental delays.[1] They presented with progressive kidney disease and primary pulmonary hypertension, and ultimately died.[1]


The cause of this condition is a mutation in the SARS2 gene (seryl-tRNA synthetase enzyme) which has to do with protein translation. Furthermore, the HUPRA syndrome is autosomal recessive in its inheritance pattern. It is located on chromosome 19 (19q13.2).[3][4]



Currently there is no curative treatment.[citation needed]

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