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The HVDC Tjæreborg is a 4.3 kilometre long bipolar high-voltage direct current (HVDC) electric power transmission line for demonstrating and testing DC interconnection of a wind park to the Danish power grid. The line was constructed to connect an existing onshore wind park consisting of 4 windmills in Tjæreborg Enge to the grid through an additional DC line. Thus the mills can be connected to the grid by both the new HVDC, the old AC or a combination of both lines.

The HVDC Tjæreborg was commissioned in 2000 and is designed for a voltage of 9 kV and a maximum power rating of 7.2 megawatt.

The technology of HVDC allows a better regulation of power peaks.


Site Coordinates
Enge Static Inverter Plant 55°26′52″N 8°35′34″E / 55.44778°N 8.59278°E / 55.44778; 8.59278 (Tjaereborg-Enge Transmission - Enge Static Inverter Plant)
Tjæreborg Static Inverter Plant 55°28′07″N 8°33′36″E / 55.46861°N 8.56000°E / 55.46861; 8.56000 (Tjaereborg-Enge Transmission - Tjaereborg Static Inverter Plant)

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  • www.abb.com Tjaereborg - an HVDC Light demonstration project for wind power