HVDC Visby–Näs

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The HVDC Visby–Näs is a bipolar HVDC electric power transmission system between Visby and a wind power centre near Näs on Gotland, Sweden. The project went into service in 1999. The system operates at 80 kV with a maximum power of 50 megawatts. This HVDC system allows for voltage regulation in the connected AC systems.

Because obtaining a right-of-way for an overhead line is a lengthy and expensive procedure, the 70 kilometer line is constructed as an underground cable. Since an alternating current three-phase underground cable would have been more expensive, the HVDC system was selected for this project.


Site Coordinates
Nas Static Inverter Plant 57°05′58″N 18°14′27″E / 57.09944°N 18.24083°E / 57.09944; 18.24083 (Visby-Nas Transmission - Nas Static Inverter Plant)
Visby Static Inverter Plant 57°37′29″N 18°21′18″E / 57.62472°N 18.35500°E / 57.62472; 18.35500 (Visby-Nas Transmission - Visby Static Inverter Plant)

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