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Haifoss fall in Iceland 2005.JPG
Háifoss is located in Iceland
LocationSouth of Iceland
Total height122 metres (400 ft)
Number of drops1

Háifoss (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈhauːɪˌfɔsː]) is a waterfall situated near the volcano Hekla in southern Iceland. The waterfall Granni is next to it.[1] The river Fossá, a tributary of Þjórsá, drops here from a height of 122 m. This is the fourth highest waterfall of the island, after Morsárfoss, Glymur and Hengifoss.[2]

From the historical farm Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Hekla in the Middle Ages and reconstructed, it is possible to hike to the waterfall along the Fossá (5 to 6 hours both directions). Above the waterfall, there is also a parking lot, to allow hiking to be done in the other direction.

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Coordinates: 64°12′28″N 19°41′13″W / 64.2079°N 19.6869°W / 64.2079; -19.6869