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HaAyin HaShevi'it (Hebrew: העין השביעית‎, lit. The Seventh Eye) is an Israeli Internet site that investigates and discusses the media field, especially mass media in Israel.

The printed version magazine was first published by the Israel Democracy Institute in 1996, initially once every two months. It delivered its final print issue, #70, in January 2008. For economic and systemic reasons, the executives of the newspaper decided to stop publishing the print version and move its operations completely to the internet.

In April 2015, the newsroom departed from the Israel Democracy Institute. Today, the publisher is an independent NGO that was founded by the site's staff and some of the frequent contributing writers.

The founding editor of The Seventh Eye is Uzi Benziman. On 2012, Benziman was replaced by former Haaretz editor-in-chief Hanoch Marmari. In April 2015, as the site departed from Israel Democracy Institute, Marmari was replaced by Shuki Tausig, the acting editor under him and Benziman since 2008.

Alongside Benziman, Marmari and Tausig, the site's staff and list of frequent writers include journalists and media experts such as Raffi Mann, Yuval Dror, Anat Balint, Avner Hofstein, Shlomo Man, Ido Kenan, Assaf Zimring, Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, Elad Man, Yaron Ezrahi, Itay Ziv and two staff investigative reporters and columnists, Oren Persico and Itamar Benzaquen.

Hundreds of other Israeli writers have been featured in The Seventh Eye since 1996. Some of the most familiar names are Mordechai Kremnitzer, Aviv Lavi, Ehud Ya'ari, Amnon Abramovich, Uri Avneri, Haim Yavin, Orit Shohat, Ilana Dayan, Doron Rosenblum, Raviv Drucker, Alex Levac, Yaron London, Tamar Libas, Dan Caspi—as well as Nahum Barnea and Karmit Guy, two of the founding members of the magazine and past staff columnists.

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