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Front view of the HaEmek Medical Center Campus

HaEmek Medical Center (Hebrew: מרכז רפואי העמק, Merkaz refu'i ha-Emek) is a hospital in the northern Israeli city of Afula.


HaEmek Hospital in 1948

The origins of this medical institution date back to a design by Alexander Baerwald in 1924. The hospital was opened on April 29, 1930. In 1932 it was temporarily closed due to lack of funds.[1] Through the years the hospital gradually grew into one of the biggest medical facilities in Israel. Nowadays the hospital serves about 500,000 residents of the adjacent region. The hospital has about 1,900 employees.[2]

The hospital is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters southeast of Afula next to Highway No. 65.[3]

The hospital is said to be a place of Arab-Israeli co-existence, and the two peoples work closely together. [4][5][6]

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