Ha Ryun

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Ha Ryun
Hangul 하륜
Hanja 河崙
Pen name
Hangul 호정
Hanja 浩亭
Revised Romanization Hojeong
McCune–Reischauer Hojŏng
Courtesy name
Hangul 대림, 중림
Hanja 大臨, 仲臨
Revised Romanization Daerim, Jungrim
McCune–Reischauer Daerim, Chungrim
A commemoration plaque for Ha Ryun at Jinju Castlel, where he was born

Ha Ryun (December 22, 1347 – November 6, 1416), also spelled Ha Yun, was a Joseon Dynasty politician and Neo-Confucian scholar, educator, and writer.He served as Prime Minister or Chief State Councillor during the reign of King Taejong from 1408 to 1409, from 1409 to 1412 and again from 1414-1415.


  • Hojungjip (호정집 浩亭集)
  • Samguksaryak (삼국사략 三國史略)
  • Donggukyakun (동국약운 東國略韻)
  • Dongguksaryak (동국사략 東國史略)
  • Doinsongdojigok (도인송도지곡 都人頌禱之曲)
  • Sumyungmyung (수명명 受明命; 1402)
  • Sungdukgha (성덕가 聖德歌; 1402)

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