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Ha Tsuen surrounded by Container yard
Tang Ancestral Hall in Ha Tsuen, a declared monument
Ha Tsuen Nullah

Ha Tsuen (Chinese: 廈村), or Ha Tsuen Heung (廈村鄉) is an area at the west of Yuen Long Town in Hong Kong. Administratively, it belongs to Yuen Long District.


In Hung Wu reign of Ming Dynasty, two members of Tang clans in Kam Tin left for Ha Tsuen as they saw the potentials of this place as markets and places of producing fish and salt. These two members of Tang clans, Tang Hung Wai and Tang Hung Chih, built two villages there [1] The two villages are Tseung Kong Wai (祥降圍, formerly Tung Tau Lei) and Tung Tau Tsuen (東頭村, formerly Sai Tau Lei).

It was once an important port and market because of the water transport system.[1] There are rivers flowing to Deep Bay; boats from Canton and other places can reach Ha Tsuen.


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