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District of Tallinn
View at the center of Haabersti from the Stroomi Beach (Pelguranna).
View at the center of Haabersti from the Stroomi Beach (Pelguranna).
Flag of Haabersti
Coat of arms of Haabersti
Coat of arms
Location of Haabersti in Tallinn.
Location of Haabersti in Tallinn.
Coordinates: 59°24′51″N 24°38′49″E / 59.41417°N 24.64694°E / 59.41417; 24.64694Coordinates: 59°24′51″N 24°38′49″E / 59.41417°N 24.64694°E / 59.41417; 24.64694
CountyHarju County
 • District ElderMarek Jürgenson (Centre Party)
 • Total18.6 km2 (7.2 sq mi)
 • Total43,916
 • Density2,400/km2 (6,100/sq mi)

Haabersti is one of the 8 administrative districts (Estonian: linnaosa) of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Haabersti is divided into 12 subdistricts (Estonian: asum): Astangu, Haabersti, Kakumäe, Mustjõe, Mäeküla, Õismäe, Pikaliiva, Rocca al Mare, Tiskre, Veskimetsa, Vismeistri and Väike-Õismäe.

The most populous part of the district is Väike-Õismäe, a residential area consisting of the big panel houses, which were mostly built in the 1970s. Lake Harku and an extensive beach area at Kakumäe and the Kopli Bay lie in the boundaries of the district. Since most of the territory has not been previously used for building, new areas with small residential buildings have developed in the last two decades.[2]

Haabersti is the home for Estonian Open Air Museum, Saku Suurhall, Tallinn Zoo, and Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre.


Ethnic composition (2013)[3]
Ethnic group Percentage
Estonians 49.4%
Russians 41.1%
Ukrainians 4.0%
Belarusians 2.1%
Finns 0.6%
Jews 0.5%
Tatars 0.3%
Others 1.9%

Haabersti has a population of 43,916 (As of 1 November 2014).[1]

Population development
Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Population 37,187 38,267 38,968 38,956 39,587 40,454 41,051 41,549 42,294 42,839 43,571


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