Haaga Rhododendron Park

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Haaga Rhododendron Park
Haagan Alppiruusupuisto
Haaga Rhododendron Park 2018-2.jpg
Flowering rhododendrons in May 2018
The location of the park in Helsinki
LocationHaaga, Helsinki, Finland
Coordinates60°13′19″N 24°53′36″E / 60.2219°N 24.8932°E / 60.2219; 24.8932Coordinates: 60°13′19″N 24°53′36″E / 60.2219°N 24.8932°E / 60.2219; 24.8932
Area8.22 hectares (20.31 acres)
PlantsRhododendron, azalea
Public transit accessHuopalahti railway station

The Haaga Rhododendron Park (Finnish: Haagan Alppiruusupuisto) is a public park containing various varieties of rhododendron, located in the district of Haaga in Helsinki, Finland. Although originally used for breeding and research purposes, the park is now a popular attraction among locals.

The first rhododendrons were planted in 1975 by the University of Helsinki's selective breeding program; this included the construction of a series of wooden walkways, allowing travel by visitors without disturbing the plants.[1][2] Originally 3000 individual specimens were planted, with the goal of breeding species to adapt to the Finnish climate.[1] The 3000 original specimens had been selectively bred from the Japanese Rhododendron fauriei. In 1996, the park was expanded to the north with an additional 1500 azalea specimens, also originating from Japan.[1]

Through its existence, the park has produced eight unique cultivars for commercial purposes; they're named after the park, the university, and various individuals involved with the project.[1]

The park is a popular local attraction, particularly in the early summer, when rhododendrons flower.

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