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Haagen Krog Steffens (30 April 1873 – 9 May 1917) was a Norwegian historian, archivist and genealogist.[1]

Haagen Krog Steffens was born in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. He was the son of physician Henrich Steffens (1841-1984) and Asta Falch. Steffens belonged to a family originating in Holstein. Both his father and grandfather were doctors and his family fostered a number of prominent individuals. Steffens attended Christiania Cathedral School (now Oslo Cathedral School). Steffens graduated with a Candidate of Law degree in 1897. Later he indertook a series of studies at archives in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. He was hired was an archivist in the National Archival Services of Norway and had a decisive influence on the archive system.

His most important works were Norske slægter, released in two volumes in 1912 and 1915; Den norske Centraladministrasjons Historie 1814-1914, released in 1914; and Kragerø bys historie, released in 1916. He was a published in both Morgenbladet and Aftenposten.[2]

He is best known as a very diligent genealogist. He wrote genealogies of several families, including the Mogensen, Mathiesen, Rod and Aall families.[3]

He died in Oslo and was buried at Vår Frelsers gravlund.[4]

Selected works[edit]

  • Hvitebjørn og Stubljan – En norsk Gaards og Slægts Historie (1898)
  • Linderud og slegterne Mogensen og Mathiesen (1899)
  • Selvig i Hurum – Et stykke norsk Gaards og Slægts Historie (1902)
  • Slegten Wiel (1903)
  • Herrebø Fayancefabrik og dens grundlægger Peter Hofnagel (1904)
  • Slegten Stang – Bidrag til Fredrikshalds Historie (1905)
  • Fru Emerentze Munch, f. Barclays Optegnelser (1907)
  • Slegten Aall (1908)
  • Fru Conradine Dunkers Erindringer (1909)
  • Norske Slægter 1912 (1912)
  • Den Norske Centraladministrations Historie 1814–1914 (1914)
  • Norske Slægter 1915 (1915)
  • Kragerø Bys Historie 1666–1916 (1916)


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